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“The mission of The Stackpole-Hall Foundation is to first
consider the needs of the people in Elk County, Pennsylvania
with a goal of improving the fundamental quality of life.  We
will give priority to the educational, human service, and
community development needs of the County.”
The office of The
Stackpole-Hall Foundation
in St. Marys, PA.
To learn more about our 2015 Long Range
Planning Initiative, click the link below:

Interview with Dr. William C. Conrad
We, at the Stackpole-Hall Foundation want to
thank everyone who logged on to the Ideascale
webpage. Your ideas, comments and votes were
very helpful. The webpage closed at 12:00
midnight April 30, after recording 272 individuals
registered, 98 ideas submitted, 259 comments
made and 1668 votes cast. The next step will be
to turn the data over to two committees of
community leaders, not affiliated with the
Stackpole-Hall Foundation, The two committees,
a youth committee and a senior committee will
evaluate the ideas based upon how closely the
idea connects with the mission of the category as
contained on the Ideascale webpage, how
popular the idea was in terms of the comments
and votes each received, and how achievable the
ideas are. The committee may combine ideas, or
extrapolate parts of ideas into one super idea.
When the job of evaluation is completed, the
committees will submit their final reports to the
Foundation’s board of trustees at our August
Retreat meeting. We will then use the report to
set our grant-making agenda for the future. We
will also share the information with other
foundations, organizations and the community.
While we will not be able to fund every idea, we
do sincerely appreciate the time everyone has
taken who logged onto the Ideascale webpage
and who participated in the survey.

William Conrad, Executive Director and Trustee