Applications are now being accepted for
ummer Jobs 2018.


The Dr. William C. Conrad / Stackpole-Hall Foundation Summer
Jobs Program provides work experience at non-profit employers
in Elk County for eligible students.  Students are employed
through the State Work Study Program and are paid directly by
the employers.  The Stackpole-Hall Foundation provides 40% of
the funding for the wages earned, the Pennsylvania State Work
Study Program provides 50% and the employers are
responsible for the remaining 10%.  

Student Eligibility Requirements:
•        Be a resident of Elk County.
•        Be enrolled at least half-time (six credits) in a PHEAA
approved higher education institution in a program of study at
least two years in length.  A list of approved institutions can be
found below.  High School Seniors are eligible as long as they
will meet this requirement for the upcoming Fall Semester.
•        Can not be in default on a student grant or loan.
•        Undergraduate Students must be a State Grant recipient.  
Since this determination is made based on financial information
from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form,
students should submit the FAFSA form as soon as possible.
•        Graduate Students must have unmet need determined by
their school.

All eligibility decisions are made by PHEAA.  For questions
about eligibility, call PHEAA at 1-800-692-7392.  You will be
prompted to access "Special Programs" and "Work Study"
before you can speak with someone.

Students will earn $8.00 per hour and may work up to 480
hours during the summer between May 6 and August 11.

For a list of Summer Job employers and jobs available:
Summer Job Employers

Download the PHEAA Student Work Study Application:
Summer Job Application

For a list of approved Postsecondary Institutions and their
codes and Program of Study codes:

Students should print out and complete the Summer Job
Application Part 1 (Student Data) and send it along with the
blank Part 2 (Employer Data) to the employer(s) where the
student would like to apply for work.  Students are strongly
encouraged to send a resume along with the application form.
Students may apply to as many employers as they wish.

DO NOT send any application forms to The Stackpole-Hall
Foundation or PHEAA.  The employers will submit applications
online to PHEAA for the students that they wish to hire so that
PHEAA can determine eligibility.

Students should apply as soon as possible.  Employers may
begin filling jobs at their discretion providing the student is
eligible; however students may only begin working on May 6
under the Stackpole-Hall Summer Jobs Program.  All hiring will
be completed by June 30.  Contact the employers for more
information regarding any of their jobs or when they expect to
hire students.

All hiring decisions are made by the employers.  DO NOT
contact The Stackpole-Hall Foundation or PHEAA regarding
hiring decisions.