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Grant Evaluation Requirements

Grant Evaluation : Text

All grant recipients will be required to complete the following evaluation after completion of the funded project.

Write a short (one page or less) narrative to answer the following questions:

  •        How was this grant spent?

  •        How did this grant help your organization?

If the grant was spent on non-operating expenses, attach a listing or summary of the vendor(s) paid and the amount.

FOR GRANTS FROM $10,001 TO $50,000:
Write a short narrative (one or two pages) to answer the following questions:

  •        How was this grant spent?

  •        If applicable, how did this project vary from your original plans?

  •        Has the grant expanded or made a difference in the quality of                             services that you provide and/or your organizational effectiveness?  If                 so, how?  If not, why not?

  •        If this grant is part of a larger campaign, what is the status of that                       campaign?

Attach an Income and Expense report for the project that was funded by this grant.

Same as $10,001 to $50,000 plus site visit by The Stackpole-Hall Foundation Evaluation Committee.

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