Trustees and Staff



We are pleased to welcome three new Term Trustees in 2020

Devon Riley Turner.jpg

The Foundation is excited to welcome a fourth-generation Stackpole family member to help lead the Trust into the future. Devon is the daughter of Lifetime Trustee Laurey Stackpole-Turner.

Ms. Devon Turner-Riley


The Foundation looks forward to working with Frank, and to having access to his talents and his knowledge about Elk County. The Hall and Stackpole families have a vast history with the Kaul family.

Mr. Frank Kaul


The Foundation is excited to welcome a fourth-generation Hall family member to help lead the Trust into the future. Rory is the daughter of  Lifetime Trustee Alexander Sheble-Hall.

Ms. Rory Shelbe-Hall



William C. Conrad, Chairman
Heather L. Conrad                           
Francis Grandinetti
Megan Hall  
Frank Kaul                                       
Richard Masson    
Devon Turner-Riley              
John I. Saalfield                                    
Alexander Sheble-Hall
Rory Sheble-Hall
R. Dauer Stackpole                      
Beatrice D. Terbovich
Laurey S. Turner

Lawrence E. Whiteman, Honorary Trustee

Barbara E. Glatt, Secretary/Treasurer

Investment Committee

William C. Conrad, Chairman                
Jennifer M. Dippold                      

Barbara E. Glatt
Frank Kaul                                  
John I. Saalfield                                       
R. Dauer Stackpole
Beatrice D. Terbovich 

Evaluation Committee

William C. Conrad
Jennifer M. Dippold
Francis Grandinetti  


Lyle G. Hall, Sr. 

Lyle G. Hall, Jr.                     

Adelaide Stackpole                                  
Harrison C. Stackpole
J. Hall Stackpole
Stackpole Carbon Company


Foundation Staff


Jennifer Dippold

Executive Director

Jen was appointed the Executive Director of The Stackpole-Hall Foundation on August 1, 2018.

As the Executive Director, she is responsible for the overall management of the foundation that includes grantmaking, community planning, being an ambassador and advocate for Elk County, managing the foundation’s Summer Job Program, community problem solving, and Board and family support.


Barbara Glatt

Finance Director

The Stackpole-Hall Foundation welcomed Barb as the new Finance Director on March 1, 2019,  

Barb is a graduate of Marywood University where she obtained her accounting degree and graduated as Valedictorian. She has an extensive accounting background. In the early 90's, she worked for the Department of Defense as a senior auditor and in addition to the Stackpole-Hall Foundation, she is the accountant for th
e St. Marys Public Library.